This tool integrates into your own eProcurement system. It gives you quick and easy access to our products and your purchasing information.

Punchout Catalogue Service

AETRONIX punchout catalogue service offers an e-procurement solution that provide access to our catalogue from your system interface. We enable your procurement system to directly connect into our storefront, add items to the shopping cart and then bring the cart items back to your procurement system.

We support both cXML and OCI punchout. “Commerce eXtensible Markup Language” and “Open Catalog Interface” are the two standards for communication between ecommerce platforms and e-procurement systems.

How does a Punchout Catalogue work?

When a customer leaves the buyer’s site, the Punchout sends the login request and connects the buyer’s and supplier’s systems. The storefront displays items, prices, descriptions, purchase terms and other information, so customers can add the requested items to their shopping cart. The cart is then brought back to the buyer’s e-procurement system as a requisition and is processed using the company’s standard system workflow steps and financial approvals. The order is sent to the supplier after the buyer has approved the purchase.

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