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Pathfindr Safe Distancing Assistant 88g, 80 x 60 x 25mm

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Pathfindr safe distancing assistant

Pathfindr’s Safe Distancing Assistant (SDA) is the affordable solution to this challenge. Lightweight, accurate and simple to use, the SDA helps you keep your people safe and your business open. The device can be deployed in any environment to assist with enforcement of social distancing requirements, helping you comply with safe working practices and avoid costly fines and crippling closures. The device offers configurable distance settings and uses ultra-wideband technology for an accurate and highly reliable 360-degree field of detection. When another wearer is too close, the devices emit a short audible or vibrating alert, advising both parties to increase their distancing.Audible and vibrating alerts
Automatically operational when worn, auto-sleep when at total rest
Adjustable distance threshold
Hygienic, wipe-clean
Lanyard included
Rechargeable, 4–5-day battery life
Low battery alert
Very low power, safe to wear
Low profile, lightweight form factor
Foreign Object Damage (FOD) aware design
Coolant and oil resistant

Trade NameSafe Distancing Assistant
Dimensions80 x 60 x 25mm
Quantity Per Package5