Harness the power of the elements


SINAMICS G120X is optimized for pump and fan applications in infrastructure projects.

Product overview


The new frequency converter comes as a complete product series
standardized and seamless when it comes to all supply voltages and supply types
and available in a power range extending from 0.75 kW to 630 kW.


Rugged design with optional protection against dripping water,
SINAMICS G120X can be used in harsh conditions
can also be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C3 standard.

G120X also prepares your drive application for digitalization


Voltage /
Power range

3 AC 200 V - 240 V, -20% / +10%, 0.75 - 55 kW / 1.0 - 55 hp

3 AC 380 V - 480 V, -20% / +10%, 0.75 - 560 kW / 1.0- 700 hp

3 AC 500 V - 690 V, -20% / +10%, 3.0 - 630 kW / 4.0 - 700 hp

47 / 63 Hz +/- 5%
Control modes
V/F (linear, square law, FCC, ECO), sensorless vector control (SLVC)
PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU/USS, BACnet MS/TP, Wi-Fi via Smart Access Module


Features and benefits


   Control appliances

Such as desk portable fans or pump loads and Larger appliances such as high torque machine control

   Digital operation LED input screens

For easy parameter setting, input and monitoring

   Compact and sleek design

Saves space in constricted areas

   Easy installation​

   Automatic restarts​

   Emergency stops​​

   Safety self-diagnostics​​

   Energy saving​​


Specific functions for your field of application

Specific functions for water
Wastewater applications


SINAMICS G120X provides a deragging function to sustainably remove deposits and dirt from pump impellers. The pipe filling mode allows pipes to be gently filled at the beginning of the control process before going into closed-loop controlled operation. The innovative cavitation detection function protects pumps and reduces maintenance costs. The keep running mode reduces the speed before a possible shutdown. Multipump operation (staging) allows several pumps to be controlled from just one frequency converter. Many additional functions, directly supported by the converter, makes SINAMICS G120X universally applicable in infrastructure projects.

Specific functions for HVAC applications
The flying restart function reduces starting times after brief power failures.


SINAMICS G120X also provides an automatic restart function after power failures. The essential service mode maintains fan operation for smoke extraction systems or emergency ventilation systems for as long as required in extreme situations. Multipump operation (staging) allows for the control of several pumps with just one frequency converter. Skipping critical motor speeds is another HVAC-specific feature. This reduces vibration and, in turn, premature wear. SINAMICS G120X also provides a real-time clock for autonomous, time-controlled operation as well as a timestamp for fault and alarm reports.


SINAMICS G120X: Fit for every challenge


The digital transformation is in full swing. It offers a wealth of previously unimaginable possibilities when it comes to process optimization. With SINAMICS G120X, you can leverage all of these opportunities.
SINAMICS G120X can be easily connected to the Cloud via SINAMICS CONNECT 300. Your benefits: increased machine performance, increased availability, a higher degree of cost effectiveness and profitability, higher competitiveness.
You not only secure the future of your company but also the quality of human lives that rely on your competence and vision.


With SINAMICS G120X you master the elements.

He controls. He restrains. He ensures that water and air are always sorted, processed and transported in a controlled manner. For the benefit of all.


SINAMICS G120X - master the elements

See for yourself how SINAMICS G120X operates your well pump with outstanding simplicity, reliability and efficiency.


Configure and order your SINAMICS G120X in no time at all


You can easily configure and order the complete drive using just one order number. The drive is delivered pre-assembled and can be commissioned immediately ready to switch on. You can also order SINAMICS G120X frequency converters using the Siemens Drive Technology Configurator in the Internet. The configurator supports you when selecting the best product version for your application.

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